Our corporate values:

Quality is our mantra at FKS, and as such each of our staff members is strongly committed to:

  1. Continuous improvement of our human capital;
  2. Total Quality Management System;
  3. Complete satisfaction by our stakeholders; and
  4. Environmental protection.

Our mission:

Our essential mission is to deliver high quality indoor and outdoor pest control and general cleaning and maintenance to our customers, with minimal damage and disturbance to the environment.

Our vision:

We exist to become a front-runner in the provision of pest control and cleaning services in Cambodia.

Our staff:

FKS employees are strongly committed to caring for the concerns of their clients, being responsible for their inputs and outputs, and, in particular, being well trained to inspect and observe with detail. This benefit has an immediate and direct impact on the customer. For example, finding, bringing to your attention, and fixing a water leak found on the exterior of your building could prevent expensive damage to your home or building. Finding holes around the building can not only prevent entry by insects and rodents but can also save you energy.

Training is a never-ending process for FKS. We provide our staff with access to on-the-job and off-the-job training so they can develop an understanding and mastery of their fields of expertise, but also so they can broaden their knowledge of how to effectively handle aggressive demands by clients and what a private company like us should do to maintain a leadership position in the changing market environment.

Our top management:

As part of the top management of the company, our Operations Director Mr. Sok Khim possesses more than 20 years’ extensive knowledge and experience in pest control, fumigation, wood product treatment, soil treatment, termite prevention, general cleaning and maintenance. Moreover, his particular background in business management and marketing gives clients peace of mind, that the services and products are professional, reliable and of top quality.

Your question may be “What makes the difference in the company I hire to service my needs?” The answer is a big difference! Just because most pest control companies have access to the right tools and products, this does not mean they use them correctly. However, FKS makes it a point to research and evaluate new and emerging technologies and apply them if we find they work well.

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