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FKS Co., Ltd. is an integrated pest management company, which was established many year ago. During the course of its business operation, FKS has enjoyed a remarkable reputation for its reliable service, and for the high quality products and equipment it uses. Its well thought-out human resource management system, quality control mechanisms, marketing strategy, unprecedented service, and sustained commitment to customer satisfaction, together with the extensive experience and know-how of its top management, is bringing this company to new heights of achievement.

As an environmentally responsible group, we recognize that conventional pest control methods and technology have always been insufficient to properly control pests and that they lead to an unnecessary release of toxic chemicals into the environment.

FKS simply stands for Find to Kill Service, the core objective of which is to deliver outstanding quality indoor and outdoor pest control and general cleaning and maintenance to our customers with minimal damage and disturbance to the environment.

At FKS, we always strive to establish solid relationships with our customers by effectively communicating and anticipating their needs, protecting our environment and providing innovative solutions, while maintaining our integrity by setting higher standards and providing even better results than you would usually expect from a professional company.

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